How To: Make a eurpoean hand tied bouquet

Make a eurpoean hand tied bouquet

This is a demonstration of making a hand tied bouquet.Keep all the required articles nearby on the table.Take a few stems of lemon grass and bind them with a wire to form a single bunch.Tie the aspedestra leaves in a loop with wrapping a wire to the stem.Now take the stems with single flower like movie star roses or carnations or iris or tulips pluck or cut the loose petals.Now hold one of the stems loosely in the left hand,now with the right hand place the second stem so that the flower is on the right and the stem on the left.Place the other flowers in a circular bunch so that the stems form a spiral below the left hand hold.Now tie the bunch near the hold with a wire spiral,place the lemon grass bunch on one side.Now tie the looped pedestra leaves to form a collar round the bunch of flower.Tie the whole bunch of leaves and flowers with tape or thicker wire into a tight bunch.The loose stems below the wire or tape are trimmed in such a way that it can stand by itself on the table in a balanced way.

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