How To: Create Beautiful Bouquets

Create Beautiful Bouquets

Nicky Markslag - world famous florist tells us how to arrange bouquets and where to put them. For more than 20 year Nicky Markslag arranges flowers and bouquets. Graduated from the florist college in Aalsmeer, she is now teaching flower design, leading many courses and demonstrations in Holland and around the world. Nicky is florist of the Floriade and Keukenhof gardens.

Enjoy the lecture and please try this at home. The world will become a more beautiful place with our garden flowers.

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3D flowers! Its great, but I would like to watch the video (I dont have 3d glasses) is there a standard version? Thanks

On the bottom left of the video there is a setting to turn the 3D off, so you will be able to watch it like normal 2D video.

Works only on computers though, not on tablets/mobile phones.

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