How To: Make a colonial flower bouquet

Make a colonial flower bouquet

Get a vase and a bouquet holder with dry flower foam inside. Put the bouquet holder in the vase. Place one gardenia in the center hole of the dry flower foam. Then place three gardenias in the holes around the center(odd numbers are good in floral design), evenly spaced apart. Once you are done with that, place a gardenia in the hole in between each of your three outside gardenias, but push them in further, so that they are slightly lower than the other three gardenias. In the remaining holes between the gardenias, add some white roses. Put three at the top and six on the bottom so it gets larger as you down. Now add other flowers to fill out any holes, making sure to keep all sides even. Then add the gardenia buds. On the bottom of the bouquet holder, add all the gardenia leaves around the bottom of the holder. Then, if desired, you can add a bow to complete the bouquet.

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