How To: Make nylon stocking flowers

Make nylon stocking flowers

If you want a hobby that is fun and rewarding, cheap and easy, and fun, then handmade nylon flowers (stocking flowers) is an easy craft to learn. Do it yourself-- you will be so impressed by the result. See how to make nylon stocking flowers!

New Sheer Creations is a company geared to revitalizing an old craft of creating flowers and other beautiful objects from wires and nylon material. Nylon flower making is an art form that we feel can be done by anyone and can be brought back and modernized by this generation of crafters.

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I have seen these made and they are gorgeous. They look so much better than regular silk flowers!

its too easy nd beautiiful

thanks for your wonderful thoughts

where i can get the me trials in India (nylon cloth)

pl guide me

thanks and regards

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