How To: Make a hanging basket for your flowers

Make a hanging basket for your flowers

This video shows you how to make a hanging basket. The first step is choosing a basket. The maker of this video decides to go with a wire basket with a coconut liner. With the daily watering and the soil and the plant itself, the basket will weigh a lot so make sure that your hook is well established. The best recipe for choosing hanging plants is to select an upright plant, a filler plant and a trailer. When choosing plants make sure they are compatible with each other. The next step is to prep your basket with soil. Make sure to add water to the soil. Next we plant the plants. Always start with your trailers first. Once you surround the outer perimeter of the inside of the basket, you can add the upright plant. Lastly you add the fillers. Make sure to add soil to any holes in the basket and on top for the exposed roots. Then you water your plants.

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